Jiangmen stainless steel trash can rusty how to do?

2021-04-13 1489

     It's made of stainless steel. After listening to this, we may think it won't rust. Stainless steel in general is not simple rust, the whole decoration function is also good. But not simple rust does not mean that it will not rust, stainless steel trash can if used improperly will also appear rust phenomenon. If it is the stainless steel trash can used outdoors, it will rust more easily if it is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. So once it rusts, how do we deal with it? The following stainless steel dustbin manufacturer Le Bai all over the world to share with us under the rust removal method.

     First of all, the stainless steel trash can used on the street will be affected by the pollutants in the air, so it is necessary to carry out regular oxide treatment, and then use soapy water to wash it to make it brighter.

Jiangmen stainless steel trash can

     Secondly, if it is oxidized by the tightness of other metals, wash the oxidized area with cloth and neutral detergent, and then clean with water.

     When workers are cleaning, they should not touch the dustbin with their hands. In this way, hand or hand dirt will cause oxidation of the dustbin. At the moment, we can put some alcohol on the cloth for cleaning, and then use the cleaning liquid for cleaning. Rinse the solution with clean water and dry with a clean cloth.

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