What should stainless steel dustbin manufacturers pay attention to when producing dustbins?

2021-04-13 1457

     Stainless steel trash cans are becoming more and more popular in the market. They are fireproof, used and used. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of stainless steel trash can, there are several points to pay attention to.

     1. Scratches are hard to remove

     All stainless steel trash cans are treated by pickling and passivation. The scratch in the process of processing can not be removed, because of scratch and welding spatter and attached to the surface of stainless steel plate carbon steel, spatter and other impurities can not be removed, resulting in the existence of corrosive media, because of chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion and rust.

     2. Welding defects

     Stainless steel trash can is polished by hand to make up for the defect of welding seam, and polishing trace is easy to occur. The other is the appearance of the inconsistency, only the stainless steel trash can weld pickling passivation, which will also lead to uneven appearance, and then affect the appearance.

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     3. Limited pickling ability

     Pickling passivation paste is not a panacea. It is difficult to remove the black oxide scale produced by plasma cutting and flame cutting. The scratch caused by human factors is more severe: in the process of lifting, transportation and structural processing, the scratch caused by human factors (such as impact, delay and hammering) is more severe, which makes the appearance treatment more difficult, and this situation is also very severe. The main reason of rust after treatment.

     4. Uneven polishing and passivation

     Stainless steel bins are hand polished, then pickled and passivated. It is difficult to achieve uniform treatment effect for large area workpieces, and the desired uniform appearance can not be achieved. And the cost of working time and auxiliary materials is also higher.

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