What is the function of Jiangmen stainless steel garbage bin classification?

2021-04-13 1562

     The effect of stainless steel can be one of its advantages. We produce so much waste every day, which can be stored in stainless steel waste barrels, then packaged and processed to maintain a healthy environment around us. In urban construction, it is widely used and classified as stainless steel waste. Stainless steel scrap manufacturers tell us that the classification of stainless steel scrap has the following advantages.

     1. Using high-quality engineering data, it is light, sensitive, beautiful and conducive to environmental protection;

     2. Various colors suitable for different environments and waste collection.

     3. The internal and external surfaces are lubricated and easy to clean;

     4. It is suitable for collecting wastes or processing raw materials in various public places, greatly improving the operation efficiency;

Jiangmen stainless steel trash can

     5. It is light and sensitive;

     The classification of stainless steel waste can work in the classification, which depends on human behavior. In the street, we can see stainless steel waste barrel, the following stainless steel waste barrel manufacturers introduce stainless steel waste barrel function.

     (1) 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP).

     (2) The new material can effectively avoid weak acid and alkali corrosion.

     (3) Smooth barrel, reduce waste, easy to clean.

     (4) The temperature can be used for normal operation of - 30 ° C? 65 ℃.

     (5) Can withstand various external forces (such as collision, take-off and loss, etc.).

     (6) You can stack each other, easy to transport, save space and cost.

     (7) It is widely used in all kinds of environment, also suitable for waste collection, such as property, factory, health, etc.

     (8) All kinds of color selection, according to the needs of classification;

All in all, stainless steel trash can is very good for us, which is also the reason why it is widely used.

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